First THE SHOT brand invented product

  • Corrects shooting flaws by building strength, endurance and muscle memory through variable weight resistance and allows correct, quick shooting repetitions
  • 90° Arm Device holds elbow in the 90° L form for proper shooting form, which will guide shooters through a complete and perfect shooting motion
  • Develop Arch in shooting with the correct release of the ball. Check the follow thru by letting the ball return to rest on the back of the hand after the shot is completed which will show correct arch
  • Includes: Official size, No.7- Spalding leather basketball. Also available with Official Women size, No.6 - Spalding leather basketball depends of the client's request
  • Black powder coat finish and no-mar wheels for easy transport on gym floors
  • Improves accuracy, consistency, rhythm and improve shooting percentages
  • Very easy assemble and disassemble


Second THE SHOT brand invented product

  • Simulates the defense player/defender/
  • Moving in all directions and jump during the shot of offensive player- simulates the jump and shot block of deffense player/defender/
  • Corrects and building better offense movement of the player , his dribbling skills, his rytham and improve his attack to the basket
  • Corrects and buliding better speed, court vision , knowledge and motor functions
  • Easy to handle
  • Does not take up much space in the Gym and is easy to store
  • Very easy assemble and disassemble


  • Designed for individual work for all players and positions
  • Made to withstand a large number of impacts/hits
  • This tool helps players to establish stability in contact situations
  • Can be held in both ways, horizontally and vertically
  • A large sized tool that allows coaches to build great strength and simulating situations in the game


Fourth THE SHOT brand invented product

  • Fast assemble and dissemble of the product - easy to manipulate
  • Complete one hour of shooting now in just 20 minutes
  • The machine accepts both, hit and missed shots
  • Development of shooting technique and bow flight of the ball
  • You can move the “ball stop” to the desired distance from which you want to shoot
  • 180 degrees positioning available
  • You can add more more them 5 balls at the line
  • Product at a very acceptable price for the service and development it provides


with Dribble Stick

  • Tool produced for individual basketball training
  • Pedestal for the basket ball from which the players can do pick up and continue work for the given exercise
  • Most often used and connected with shooting and dribbling drills
  • The auxiliary part is a dribble stick which is intended for correcting the level and width of dribbling
  • The height of the product can be changed very easily depending on the purpose at a given time ( height from 80 to 150cm).


  • Strong unbreakable construction :steel profile frame, polyamide mash, rubber legs , mat black color.
  • Designed for hardwood, outdoor courts and driveways
  • Five options for adjusting the working angle
  • Designed catch-and-shoot training
  • Trains players to catch the ball on the move
  • To set their feet and square up properly before shooting or passing
  • Perfect for individual practice or team drills
  • Portable and folds flat for easy storage